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Amino Treatment

Amino Treatment

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This versatile additive enhances every stage of plant growth, from robust roots to abundant fruits and flowers.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Growth: Amino Treatment promotes vigorous vegetative growth and optimal flower formation.
  • Superior Nutrient Absorption: The unique soy protein hydrolysate is rich in vital amino acids that significantly improve mineral uptake.
  • Plant Vitality: Experience healthier, more resilient plants with enhanced overall vigor.

Unique Formula:

Amino Treatment stands out with its cutting-edge plant biochemistry. No other product on the market harnesses this advanced research, offering a unique blend that’s unmatched in the industry.

Safe and Versatile:

  • All Growing Media: Effective in all types of growing environments.
  • Pure and Clean: Contains no dyes, synthetic PGRs, or detectable heavy metals.
  • Optimal Storage: Maintain potency by storing sealed containers between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 29 degrees Celsius). Use within one year of opening.


Incorporate Amino Treatment into your regular feeding regimen and watch your plants thrive like never before. Unlock their full potential and enjoy lush, vigorous growth and bountiful harvests.

Transform your gardening experience with Amino Treatment – where science meets nature for superior results.

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