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Heavy sixteen

Heavy 16 Bud A & B

Heavy 16 Bud A & B

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Heavy 16 Bud represents the pinnacle of nutrient brewing craftsmanship, embodying modern plant nutrition philosophies to achieve superior crop quality and yield. Esteemed by quality farmers and world-class plant breeders alike, Heavy 16 Bud is celebrated for its simplicity and its unique ability to enhance the desired traits of top-tier genetics. Our motto, "Simple and effective," underpins all our products, ensuring ultra-high quality with meticulous attention to detail.

Transitioning from Veg to Bud:

Heavy 16 Bud A & B picks up where the Veg formula leaves off, enhancing the robust roots, foliage, and vascular systems developed during the vegetative stage. It then takes these attributes further by promoting heightened fruit set and exceptional quality. The chemistry of Heavy 16 Bud includes the most plant bio-available forms of Phosphorus and Potassium, complemented by essential micronutrients, to ensure superior quality and yields. Exotic trace elements and multiple forms of Calcium supplement traditional mineral nutrition, providing a balanced and potent formula.

Revolutionary Plant Stress Management:

Healthy plants produce quality fruit, especially when subjected to controlled stress during senescence. Heavy 16 Bud is revolutionary in this respect, designed to push cellular limits appropriately while delivering complex, high-quality nutrition. This approach increases dry matter (yield), reduces water weight, and enhances flavor and taste complexities.

A Blend of Tradition and Technology:

Heavy 16 Bud embodies years of field experience, respecting traditional methods while leveraging current horticultural technology. This balance ensures that Heavy 16 Bud not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern growers, much like any skilled farmer would.

Choose Heavy 16 Bud for a straightforward yet sophisticated approach to plant nutrition that guarantees high-quality, high-yielding crops.

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