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Heavy sixteen

Heavy Finish

Heavy Finish

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Heavy Finish is designed to achieve an electrochemical balance by acting as both a donor and receptor of electrons. When used as a final media flush, it results in purer soil. Its natural chelating structures, scientifically enhanced for streamlined and uniform molecular size, make Heavy Finish effective in reclaiming used or imbalanced soils and optimizing nutrient programs.

Comprehensive Soil Cleansing:

Heavy Finish excels in cleansing sub-par nutrient regimens by offering extreme levels of pH and PPM/EC buffering capacity. This capability eliminates the threat of heavy metal exposure and mitigates issues associated with unrefined and undefined nutrient programs.

Enhanced Crop Quality:

In the tradition of fine viticulture, Heavy Finish embodies the essence of the finest soil terroir. During flower senescence, using Heavy Finish reveals the deepest and most intense aromas and colors that your crops' genetics can express. Some growers combine Heavy Finish with Heavy Prime in the final week for enhanced natural aromatic fragrances, while others prefer a minimalist approach by using Heavy Finish with pure water.

Achieve Horticultural Superiority:

Regardless of your growing objectives, Heavy Finish is the ultimate tool for achieving horticultural excellence. Its ability to purify and enhance soil, coupled with its role in expressing the full genetic potential of your crops, makes it an indispensable resource for superior cultivation.

Choose Heavy Finish to ensure your soil and plants reach their highest potential, resulting in unparalleled crop quality and purity.

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