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Heavy sixteen

Heavy Prime

Heavy Prime

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Heavy Prime is an ultra-diverse liquid formulation designed to enhance your crops throughout their entire growth cycle. As the centerpiece of the Heavy 16 program, Prime's versatile chemistry makes it adaptable for various cultivation systems and alternative feeding programs, from aeroponics to outdoor soil crops.

Streamlined Efficiency:

Prime simplifies your nutrient regimen by eliminating the need for multiple additives that are often redundant or incomplete. This streamlined approach ensures that your plants receive comprehensive nutrition without the hassle of managing numerous products.

Enhanced Plant Characteristics:

Using Prime enhances tastes, colors, flavors, and brix levels, allowing your plants to fully express their true phenotype. This results in superior crop quality that stands out in both appearance and taste.

Root System Development:

Prime also plays a crucial role in bolstering the development of a robust root system, laying the foundation for healthy and productive plants.

Choose Heavy Prime for an all-in-one solution that guarantees exceptional results throughout your crop's life cycle.

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