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Heavy sixteen

Heavy Roots

Heavy Roots

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Heavy Roots is a groundbreaking additive designed to enhance the rhizosphere on all levels. Staying true to our philosophy of simplicity and efficacy, Heavy Roots combines multiple functions into a single bottle, free from any yield or quality-depleting hormones. This root growth enhancer, drip cleaner, and anti-precipitate can be used from the cloning phase continuously until the last week before harvest.

Easy Application:

Simply add Heavy Roots first to your reservoir at a rate of 1mL per gallon, followed by your regular additives and nutrient regimen to reap the benefits of this advanced formula.

Enhanced Root Growth:

As a root growth supplement, Heavy Roots supports the branching of lateral roots and significantly increases the quantity and size of the true absorption zone: the root hair. These fluffy white zones of healthy root mass are critical for water and nutrient absorption. Despite being only one cell thick and originating from the zone of maturation, root hairs provide the tremendous surface area needed for optimal absorption. With more root hairs, your plants will experience faster, more integrated growth and increased resilience.

Choose Heavy Roots to ensure your plants develop a robust and efficient root system, leading to healthier and more productive crops.

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