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Heavy sixteen

Heavy Veg A & B

Heavy Veg A & B

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 Elevate Your Crop's Potential!

Heavy 16 Veg A & B is the result of years of expertise in plant production and nutrient chemistry, designed to enhance your crops' vascular systems and structural integrity, crucial for supporting heavy fruit loads during the bloom cycle. Understanding that both under-fertilization and over-fertilization can harm your plants (and beneficial microbes) despite their outward appearance, Heavy 16’s formulation addresses these imbalances, creating a balanced platform that allows for creative yet controlled cultivation.

The diverse nutrients in Heavy 16 Veg A & B are tailored for intense cropping systems, focusing on cellular structure and tissue integrity. Consider the plant cells and tissues at a molecular level in leaves, shoots, and roots, and imagine the microscopic deficiencies that occur when essential minerals are lacking during growth. Heavy 16’s unique chemistry helps prevent these deficiencies, ensuring that your plants build strong, well-integrated tissues from the ground up.

Our philosophy is centered around vegetative growth. Heavy 16 Veg A & B is designed to cultivate robust, healthy plants with extensive root systems during the vegetative phase, preparing them to withstand the rigors of the flowering phase. By using Heavy 16 Veg A & B from day one, whether on crop material or mother stock, you ensure that structural integrity and vitality are established from the start.

In summary, Heavy 16 Veg A & B is your go-to formula for building beautiful, strong plants ready to thrive under the demands of heavy cropping systems. Start your journey towards superior plant health and yield with Heavy 16 Veg A & B.

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