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PH Down

PH Down

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Cost Savings A little goes a long way with Humboldts Secret pH Down. This concentrated solution requires only a few drops for maximum effectiveness, making one bottle last a very long time. It’s up to 25% stronger than leading competitors, offering better output with minimal increase in your gardening costs.

Balanced Nutrient Solution & Optimal pH Most plants thrive in a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5. pH Down is made with high-quality, commercial-grade phosphoric acid and is 100% dye-free and additive-free, making it perfect for your beloved botanicals. To use, simply test your nutrient solution with a digital pH meter or pH tester strips, then adjust by adding a few drops of pH Down until the desired pH level is achieved.

Versatile Application pH Down is suitable for plants grown in all mediums, including soil, water, hydroponic setups, coco, DWC, and more. It’s an essential part of your pH control supplies, ensuring a thriving garden across diverse growing environments.

Expert Made Designed by growers for growers, Humboldts Secret pH Down is crafted with the finest ingredients and proudly manufactured in our California-based facility. Trust in our expertise and quality to achieve reliable results.

Optimize your garden with pH Down – the essential pH balancing solution for precise, effective, and versatile use across all growing mediums.

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