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Plan Enzymes

Plan Enzymes

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High Enzyme Concentration:

Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes is a powerful enzymatic formula containing 7,000 units of active enzyme per milliliter. This high concentration makes Plant Enzymes one of the strongest plant fertilizers available, delivering exceptional results for your plants.

Ideal for Hydroponics and Coco Substrate:

Hydroponic systems and coco substrates greatly benefit from the inclusion of enzymes, as these growing mediums typically lack microorganisms that digest dead root matter. Our formula is compatible with all growing mediums, ensuring versatile application and optimal plant health.

Soil Rejuvenation:

When reusing soil for cultivation, Plant Enzymes acts as a potent plant food that rejuvenates the soil by breaking down roots from previous plants. This process enriches the soil, making it more fertile and ready for new growth.

Low Usage Rate:

Thanks to its high concentration, Plant Enzymes requires a very low usage rate of just 1ml per gallon. This efficiency makes Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes one of the most cost-effective and potent enzymatic formulas on the market.

Choose Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes for a highly effective solution that promotes plant health, rejuvenates soil, and enhances the performance of hydroponic and coco substrate systems.

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