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House and Garden Nutrients

Starter Kit: Your All-In-One Solution for Thriving Plants!

Starter Kit: Your All-In-One Solution for Thriving Plants!

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Ready to dive into the H&G lineup? Our Starter Kits have everything you need to get started with ease. Choose your preferred base nutrient (Soil, Cocos, or Aquaflakes), and you're all set! Each comprehensive kit includes:

  • 1L of your chosen base nutrient (A+B)
  • 100ml Roots Excelurator Gold
  • 100ml Amino Treatment
  • 250ml Multi Zen
  • 250ml Bud-XL
  • 250ml Top Booster
  • 250ml Drip Clean
  • 2 sachets of Shooting Powder

Each kit provides enough nutrients and additives for a complete cycle in gardens using 15 gallons of feed water per week, with a 2-week vegetative phase and an 8-week flowering phase.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete Package: All essential nutrients and additives in one box.
  • Tailored Choice: Select from Soil, Cocos, or Aquaflakes base nutrients.
  • Optimized Growth: Designed for a full run, ensuring vibrant plant health.

Our Starter Kits contain no dyes, synthetic PGRs, or detectable heavy metals. To ensure maximum effectiveness, store sealed bottles between 45-85°F (7-29°C) and use within one year of opening.

Jumpstart your gardening journey with our Starter Kits – because great gardens start here!

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