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Sweet & Sticky

Sweet & Sticky

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Rich Carbohydrate/Saccharide Energy Source
Sweet & Sticky is a potent formula packed with carbohydrates and saccharide energy, providing a vital energy boost for your plants. Suitable for all growing mediums, including organic soil, hydroponics, and both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Supports Thriving Microbial Life
A healthy microbial ecosystem is essential for maximizing your plants' potential. Sweet & Sticky feeds and energizes beneficial microbes, ensuring your plants receive all the energy they need to thrive.

Enhances Flavor, Aroma, and Essential Oils
By fostering a robust microbial population, Sweet & Sticky naturally enhances your plants' flavor, aroma, and essential oil production. This nutrient-rich formula helps indoor and outdoor plants reach their full sensory potential.

Versatile for Various Cultivation Methods
Whether you grow plants in hydroponic or aquaponic systems, coco coir, organic soil, or potting soil, Sweet & Sticky is perfectly suited for all these mediums. It ensures your plants receive consistent and efficient nutrition.

Improves Crop Yield and Resin Production
With a high concentration of carbohydrates, Sweet & Sticky optimizes nutrient conditions, leading to better crop yields and larger plant size. Additionally, it enhances your plants' natural ability to increase resin production during the flowering phase.

Energize your plants with Sweet & Sticky – the ultimate carbohydrate boost for vigorous growth, improved yield, and enriched flavor profiles.

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