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Top Booster

Top Booster

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Elevate your flowering process with Top Booster, the ultimate one-week PK additive from House & Garden. Specially formulated with premium phosphorus and potassium, Top Booster delivers essential, soluble nutrients to enhance floral production during the critical final stage of reproductive growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Floral Production: Provides key nutrients to support vigorous flower growth.
  • Optimized Energy Allocation: Helps plants adapt to changing light environments, directing energy to flowering sites for superior blooms.
  • Improved Quality Yields: Boosts nutrient uptake to achieve higher quality and more abundant yields.

Optimal Usage:

Use Top Booster for one week during the flowering phase to set the stage for maximum yield and quality. This nutrient boost prepares your plants for the final push with products like Shooting Powder/Top Shooter and Bud-XL.

Pure and Versatile:

  • All Growing Media: Effective in soil, hydroponics, and all other growing systems.
  • Clean and Safe: Free from dyes, synthetic PGRs, and detectable heavy metals.
  • Storage: Store sealed containers between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 29 degrees Celsius) and use within one year of opening for optimal effectiveness.

How to Use:

Incorporate Top Booster into your flowering regimen to give your plants the nutrient support they need for exceptional flower production. Witness the difference as your garden achieves new heights of growth and yield quality.

Turbocharge your flowering phase with Top Booster – the essential PK additive for extraordinary floral results.

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