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Tree Trunk

Tree Trunk

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Premium Potassium Silicate-Based Product
Tree Trunk is formulated with advanced nutrients to enhance your plants' natural ability to strengthen cell walls. This results in thicker stalks, better branch development, and increased tolerance to abiotic stress.

Enhanced Plant Strength
Boost your plants' growth with Tree Trunk liquid fertilizer. Designed with hydroponic nutrients, it serves as a high-quality indoor plant food, promoting robust and healthy development.

Abiotic Stress Tolerance
Tree Trunk ensures yield stability by enhancing your plants' tolerance to abiotic stress, minimizing the negative impact of environmental factors on crop production.

Compatible with All Grow Mediums
This versatile formula is an excellent indoor plant fertilizer, suitable for all growing mediums. Use Tree Trunk at a rate of 2.5-5ml per gallon (5ml is approximately 1 teaspoon) throughout the entire grow cycle for optimal results.

Strengthen and protect your plants with Tree Trunk – the ultimate solution for thicker stalks, better branch development, and enhanced stress tolerance.

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