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Triminator Kief Kit

Triminator Kief Kit

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Transform your dry bud trimmer into a powerful kief and pollen tumbler with the Triminator Kief Kit. Designed for seamless integration, this kit allows you to easily swap the standard trim drum for a 150-micron stainless steel mesh drum using our innovative turn-loc system. Simply insert the catchment tray and start the machine for effortless kief collection.

What's Included:

  • Kief Screen/Pollen Tumbler: 150-micron stainless steel mesh drum for efficient kief collection.
  • Kief Tray: Convenient tray for collecting kief and pollen.
  • Accessories: All necessary components for seamless integration with your Triminator trimmer.


  • Triminator Trimmers are sold separately and are required to use the Kief Kit.
  • Legacy XL Trimmers with a double-groove drive system require the Legacy XL Kief Kit and the XL Legacy-to-Current Upgrade Kit for compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Easy Conversion: Turn your dry bud trimmer into a kief/pollen tumbler with minimal effort.
  • Turn-Loc System: Quick and secure drum swapping system.
  • 150-Micron Mesh Drum: Optimized for kief and pollen collection.
  • Efficient and Clean: Designed for hassle-free trimming and kief collection.

Enhance your trimming process with the Triminator Kief Kit, making kief and pollen collection simpler and more efficient than ever.

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