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Cannabis Moisture Meter

Cannabis Moisture Meter

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The Triminator Moisture Meter is the ultimate tool for accurately checking the moisture content in cannabis buds. Whether you're preparing flowers for processing or monitoring moisture levels during drying and curing, this device ensures optimal results. Simply press the test pins into your product and view the moisture reading on the LED bar graph.

Key Uses:

  • Checking Flower Moisture Content: Ensure your cannabis buds are at the ideal moisture level before processing.
  • Monitoring Moisture Loss or Gain: Keep track of moisture changes in plants during the drying and curing process.

Optimal Cannabis Moisture Levels:

  • Ideal Range for Trimming: When using Triminator Dry machines, the best moisture content for your cannabis buds is between 9-10%.
  • Above 10% Moisture: Leads to lower trim quality and a smeared, sticky drum.
  • Below 9% Moisture: Results in more fragile flowers, potentially diminishing trim quality.

Ensure your cannabis buds are at their best with the Triminator Moisture Meter, providing precision and reliability for superior processing and curing.

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