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Drip Clean

Drip Clean

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Salt buildup can severely impact your grow operation, hindering nutrient absorption, clogging pipes, and forcing time-consuming flushes before harvest. Save time and money with Drip Clean, designed to combat these issues effectively.

Why Choose Drip Clean?

  • Maximize Nutrient Absorption: Prevent salt buildup, ensuring your plants absorb nutrients at peak efficiency.
  • Reduce Flush Time: Cut your flush time to just 3-4 days, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Safe for Beneficial Microbes: Unlike corrosive cleaners, Drip Clean uses ionic bond associations, leaving beneficial microbes unharmed.

Key Benefits:

  • Universal Compatibility: Works with all growing media.
  • Clean and Pure: Free from dyes, synthetic PGRs, and detectable heavy metals.

Storage Tips:

  • Optimal Temperature: Store sealed bottles between 45-85°F (7-29°C).
  • Longevity: Use within one year of opening for best results.

Keep your grow operation running smoothly with Drip Clean—where efficiency meets purity.

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