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Dry Trimmer

Dry Trimmer

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 Fast, Quiet, and User-Friendly The Triminator Dry bud trimmer has been the preferred choice of Northern California growers since its introduction. Designed for speed and efficiency, it can trim up to 20 pounds of cannabis per hour while operating quietly.

Optional Stainless Steel Kief Tumbler Kit Maximize your productivity with the optional stainless steel kief tumbler kit, which transforms your trimmer into a pollen tumbler with a simple drum swap.

Industry-Leading Features The Triminator Dry offers several industry-leading features that make cannabis trimming fast and easy:

  • High Efficiency: Trim up to 20 pounds per hour quietly and efficiently.
  • Ergonomic Design: The easy pull pin pivot system allows you to rotate the drum for loading, running, and emptying the machine ergonomically.
  • Turn-Loc™ System: This innovative system lets you remove the drum quickly and without tools, making cleaning and drum swapping for continuous trimming effortless.
  • Proprietary Shear Band Technology: Eliminates the need for lubricants and vacuums, preserving the trichome-rich quality of your flowers, perfect for the premium flower market.


  • Trimming Capacity: Up to 20 pounds per hour
  • Quiet Operation: Designed for low noise levels
  • Ergonomic Design: Easy pull pin pivot system and Turn-Loc™ system for ease of use
  • Shear Band Technology: No need for lubricants and vacuums

Enhance your trimming process with the Triminator Dry – fast, quiet, and designed to keep your cannabis in premium condition. Order yours today and experience the industry-leading performance that Northern California growers trust.

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