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Heavy sixteen

Heavy Fire

Heavy Fire

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Heavy Fire stands as the pinnacle of P/K boosters, meticulously crafted through stringent adherence to nutritional chemistry and biological principles. This versatile bloom supplement can seamlessly integrate into any existing plant system and nutrient program due to its exceptional ingredients and formulation.

Comprehensive Bloom Support:

Starting Heavy Fire in the last one to two weeks of the vegetative stage and continuing through the entire bloom cycle with a gradual ramp-up provides essential pre-bloom support. This ensures intermediate and late-phase Cascading Delivery™ of Phosphorus, resulting in larger, more resilient root masses, increased foliage, and higher flower yields.

Unique Formulation Process:

Heavy Fire is brewed, not just blended. This method includes natural aging and homogenization of virgin minerals with hand-selected ultra-fine ingredients, creating a unique chemistry. This perfect balance between plant nutrition and supplementation allows growers to simplify their nutrient regimen while achieving the full potential of their plants' genetic code.

Optimal Nutrient Composition:

Heavy Fire boasts a high analysis of P/K equivalents, utilizing three forms of Phosphorus, including the highly effective Phosphite (PO3), and three forms of Potassium. Nitrogen is added in the Ammonium form to enhance Phosphorus uptake and assimilation. Additionally, our premium cold-processed kelp mix (Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria japonica) supplies nutrients that naturally support the blooming process.

Choose Heavy Fire for a streamlined, effective approach to boosting your plants' bloom phase, ensuring robust growth and superior yields.

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