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Heavy sixteen

Heavy Foliar

Heavy Foliar

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Heavy 16's Heavy Foliar Professional Plant Additive epitomizes our commitment to providing the highest-grade products with unparalleled efficacy. This innovative blend delivers full-spectrum plant nutrition, addressing a myriad of common growing issues and significantly enhancing plant metabolic growth and tissue integrity.

Superior Absorption and Strength:

When sprayed on crop foliage, Heavy Foliar’s net neutral chemistry is readily absorbed into the negatively charged foliage, immediately strengthening the canopy and progressing towards the roots. The carbon-based concentration and mineral nutrition travel through the plant's vascular system, resulting in more elastic tissue, adaptive membranes, and increased yields at harvest. The abundant quality Calcium in Heavy Foliar plays a crucial role, forming a perfect bridge between phospholipids, glycolipids, and proteins in the cell membrane, enhancing tissue elasticity and structure.

Enhanced Growth and Photosynthesis:

Heavy Foliar supports vigorous growth and boosts photosynthesis. The influx of carbon-based molecules aids the plant's ability to produce and store necessary carbon and energy, key variables for achieving high-quality yields.

Strategic Application:

We recommend using Heavy Foliar before anticipated stressful events, such as spraying mother plants before taking cuttings, before transplanting, during transition periods, and ahead of extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures or excessive heat.

Synergistic Compatibility:

Heavy Foliar’s neutral-based chemistry allows it to be combined with any foliar-applied compost or biological teas, pest control products, organic oils, surfactant products, sulfur/fungicide, and more, enabling a single spray pass for maximum efficiency.

Choose Heavy Foliar for a transformative approach to plant nutrition that ensures robust growth, enhanced resilience, and superior yields.

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