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Multi Zen

Multi Zen

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Boost your plants' growth and vigor with Multi Zen, one of the most concentrated growth-promoting additives on the market. This powerful formula enhances nutrient uptake by providing readily available nutrients that your plants can absorb quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Multi Zen?

  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Packed with soluble nutrients, Multi Zen ensures your plants get the maximum benefit from every feeding.
  • Boost Plant Vigor: Promote robust growth and overall plant health with this potent additive.

Key Benefits:

  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all growing media.
  • Pure and Clean: Free from dyes, synthetic PGRs, and detectable heavy metals.

Storage Tips:

  • Optimal Temperature: Store sealed bottles between 45-85°F (7-29°C).
  • Longevity: Use within one year of opening for optimal effectiveness.

Elevate your growing game with Multi Zen—where concentrated nutrients meet exceptional plant health.

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