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Cost-Effective Solution A single bottle of pH UP goes a long way. Its concentrated formula requires only a few drops to achieve maximum effectiveness, providing outstanding results with minimal cost.

Clean Ingredients Our hydroponic pH controller is made with high-quality, commercial-grade, water-soluble potassium hydroxide. It is 100% dye-free and additive-free, making it medium-friendly and ideal for your plants.

Versatile Use pH UP can be used with your balanced nutrient solution across various growth environments, including soil, water, hydroponic systems, coco cultivations, DWC systems, and more. It ensures optimal pH levels for all your gardening needs.

Expertly Crafted Developed by growers for growers, pH UP is the result of years of gardening expertise and practical experience. You can trust in its efficacy and potency to enhance your plant growth environment.

Optimize your garden with pH UP – the essential pH balancing solution for cost-effective, clean, and versatile use across all growing mediums.

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