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Roots Excelurator Gold (formulated for soil / coco substrates)

Roots Excelurator Gold (formulated for soil / coco substrates)

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Discover why Roots Excelurator Gold is the flagship product of House & Garden. Formulated for soil and coco substrates, this premium root growth enhancer provides essential nutrients to your plants' rooting systems while preventing nutrient deficiency-related disorders. Its proprietary blend, including kelp and seed extracts, promotes unparalleled root production and vigor.

Roots Excelurator Gold creates a highly productive zone around the roots, enhancing their strength and resistance to nutrient-based disorders. As the saying goes, healthy roots lead to larger fruits—so start your plants off strong with Roots Excelurator Gold.

With no dyes, synthetic PGRs, or detectable heavy metals, this product ensures a clean and safe growth environment. For optimal performance and longevity, store sealed bottles and containers between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 29 degrees Celsius), and use within one year of opening. Choose Roots Excelurator Gold for the ultimate boost in root health and plant growth!

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